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Airbus Corporate Jets


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Business Jets



·         Commercial Airline Advisory: Corporate & Business Strategy, Aircraft Portfolio Management, Aircraft Evaluation & Fleet Planning, Corporate & Fleet Financial Planning & Optimization, Aircraft Purchase & Sales, Aviation Asset Management, Business & Regulatory Affairs, Brand & Product Strategy, M&A Consultancy, Restructuring, Board Advisory


·         Private Aircraft / Fleet Advisory: Aircraft Portfolio Management, Aircraft Purchase & Sales, Aircraft Evaluation & Economic Analysis, Financial Planning / Optimization, Aviation Asset Management


·         Aircraft Transactional Management: Aircraft Acquisition Strategy, Negotiation and Contracting of Aircraft Purchase & Sale, Transaction Financing (buy / lease)


·         Aircraft & Fleet Product: Aircraft Cabin Design, Cabin Product Definition & Specification, Interior Design & Engineering Management, Supplier Negotiation & Oversight, Product Launch & Entry into Service


·         Aircraft Modification: Turn-key Project Management, Cabin & Engineering Specifications, Cabin Designer & Completion Centre Selection, Modification Contracts Negotiation (cabin designer, completion center), Build Oversight (fabrication and integration), Certification & Regulatory Compliance Audit, Supplier Management, Management of Contract Compliance & Aircraft Entry Into Service Assistance.